Dating terminology

19-May-2016 03:54

Despite mediation of the United Nations, the dispute is still pending resolution since 1993, but as a result it was admitted under the provisional reference of the "former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", sometimes abbreviated as FYROM.a kingdom (later, region) named after the ancient Macedonians.The contemporary geographical region of Macedonia is not officially defined by any international organisation or state.In some contexts it appears to span five current sovereign countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, and Serbia.The situation is complicated because different ethnic groups use different terminology for the same entity, or the same terminology for different entities, with different political connotations.Historically, the region has presented markedly shifting borders across the Balkan peninsula.Linguistically, the names and affiliations of languages and dialects spoken in the region are a source of controversy.

It was traditionally derived from the Indo-European root *mak-, meaning 'long' or 'slender' (attested in Homer, and recorded by Hesychius of Alexandria as a Doric word meaning "large"), or makros ('long, large'), as well as related words in other Indo-European languages.

It is commonly explained as having originally meant 'the tall ones' or 'highlanders'.