Dating survey question

24-Jun-2015 21:00

Of the email, he says, "As you can see it is dripping in sarcasm and I had to apologize in it for fear of coming off as patronizing." He also expressed his surprise that the story was presented in such "a negative fashion" on Deadspin, and then picked up and spun more wildly at each additional venue.

"As the story grew I got a promotion each time it was picked up by a new outlet," he writes.

Stolar's practice of surveying his dates on his own date performance landed at Deadspin after a woman forwarded it on to Deadspin, and while she did not fill out the survey, she did pass on her review of him: he was "overall moderately attractive" and "a little socially inept...[not] too creepy, just the type of guy who overanalyzes every detail and feels completely awkward in the majority of social situations.

It didn't seem like he got out much." This little story of a man, a woman, and the aftermath of their four dates went on to be picked up elsewhere, because, as we wrote at the time, "Everything We Do While Dating Is Creepy and Potentially Viral," and Stolar's survey fit the bill perfectly. "Finance guy," a/k/a guy with a career we can hate, check.

Embarrassing public disclosure of that which had been intended as private, check.

Opportunity for mockery of someone else's presumed incompetence in the field of dating, which makes the rest of us creeps feel so much better about ourselves, double check. Stolar emailed The Atlantic Wire the screengrabbed image above as proof that he is the survey sender in question.

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