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17-Oct-2015 17:10

Specifically, Robyn Exton of Her described how her app has benefited from only having to study one gender group, which really allowed them to tailor the app to their target audience.Moderator and Tech Crunch writer Sarah Buhr then asked the three how they deal with the churn aspect of dating apps.But, Wolfe noted that Bumble may soon introduce additional paid features, but will never charge for the basic dating and safety functionality already baked into the app.The discussion then turned to in-app advertisements, which Tinder recently rolled out.Dang from Coffee Meets Bagel said that churn (especially positive churn that results from a successful match) isn’t an issue, since most will spread the word of the app’s success in helping them find a match. With total app revenues projected to grow from ,37B in 2015 to .52B in 2017.

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Wolfe noted that she doesn’t think advertisements are the right way to monetize for Bumble right now, and reiterated that the company will instead focus on monetizing through new features.

In terms of how to compete against the behemoth that is Tinder, all three companies said the key is nuanced features designed to benefit their app’s specific group of users, whether that is women, same-sex daters or people looking for friendship.