Dating site links Free porn chat no cradit card or registeriing

16-Oct-2015 22:19

The video shows some gorgeous older women to get the visitor in the mood, to connect them with my site as the place to meet such gorgeous looking women, and to get them to sign up.That’s the theory; it’s early days for this new site on the DF platform, but initial signs are encouraging.You can create videos in Powerpoint if you have it.As a word of warning, I have had sites disapproved by Google Adwords for PPC (pay per click) ads where I wanted to promote a general dating site and included country specific dating sites on the home page as links or banners.In Google’s view, the inclusion of these country specific links was not adding any value to a visitor’s experience on a general dating site, so I had to remove the links to have my site accepted for Adwords.

It has a relevant, entertaining video embedded in it (see a previous article from Dating Factory on promoting your dating site on You Tube here), site links to relevant dating sites and blogs, plus a banner ad for one of my general adult dating sites that I created in Xheader.On this particular site, targeted at South Africa, I have added some relevant links to some of my own general South African dating sites as well as some regional dating sites that I have set up – all relevant to a South African adult dating site.