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31-Mar-2016 20:00

When hostilities erupted in Europe in 1914, Canadians rushed to Britain's side.

But the cost was terrible: more than 60,000 were killed, 172,000 wounded. A modern-day troubadour, Gordon Lightfoot has touched the lives of millions of people with his thoughtful, evocative portraits of Canadian life and landscape.

There are no more Canadian combat veterans alive to recall the horrors of the First World War, but their voices and memories live on in the archives of the CBC. He's a musician steeped in the folk tradition, his catalogue of songs, including such classics as Canadian Railroad Trilogy and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, earning him a place in the pantheon of Canadian icons.

The Democratic Party lost last night, but the country lost for the next 4 years. Hilary couldn't beat Barack and Trump was smart enough not to try.

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Some Jews, Christians, and Muslims claim that all three religions follow the same god, but in different ways. Are they multiple religions with one god, or multiple religions with multiple gods?

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The terms homoiousios and homoousios mean "similar essence" and "same essence." They were part of a controversy in Christianity during the 4th century when people disagreed over the nature of Jesus Christ and his relationship to God.

One of the most popular targets for conspiracy theories has long been Masonic Lodges and their administrative organizations.

"I opened the door and all of a sudden the accused, who was wearing only a short, stepped into the hall accompanied by two others.… continue reading »

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There are rooms for adults, gays, lesbians and even languages rooms where people can meet and interact with one another.… continue reading »

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Despite its benefits, stretching is often the first part of a workout to be dropped if time becomes an issue. Today we have a Cross Fit inspired workout that will definitely be a challenge.… continue reading »

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