Dating sex affair problems with dating a flight attendant

05-Oct-2016 07:46

Nevertheless, some reports say that emotional affairs are on the rise, thanks to the convenience of technology and the plethora of social networking sites that keep everyone so connected.

There’s also the troubling issue of people who think like you do, who are having emotional affairs and rationalizing that what they are doing couldn’t be so bad, since it’s not as if there’s sex involved. Did these wives tell you things they didn’t tell their husbands?

But just like a sexual affair, it contains deception, secrecy and a breach of trust.

You know those times when you wooed married women over cozy dinners or long walks by providing a listening ear and “just” allowing them to be themselves, with no judgment?

his dry sense of humor kills you, and dang those eyes!

I’m sure the husbands of the two women you didn’t have sex with appreciate your lack of carnal interest in their wives.

But you don’t get any kudos, sir, for knowingly “dating” married women.

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If their husbands knew about you, did they downplay the relationship by saying “He’s just a friend”?Did these women look forward to spending time with you more than they did their husbands?