Dating service ad example

24-Apr-2015 02:52

You should reveal very little about yourself so that they have to ask you out on a date to find out more. She is just looking to meet someone nice for dinner or a movie. We looked at hundreds of ads on several services and many were too long, too deep, and too demanding.Here is an example of a good Rules-y ad, titled Blue Eyed Blond Beauty32: I live in Boston. Classic mistakes we found included: I want a relationship like Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, a bond that is stronger than a piece of paper. When asked to describe her ideal mate, one successful woman in her thirties answered: The man I want to meet is successful in business, sophisticated yet laid back, compassionate yet driven, outdoorsy but a homebody, who can take me to fine restaurants and on wonderful vacations, and most important be my best friend. Basically she is saying she wants everything, particularly a rich guy. When asked about life goals, one stunning woman in her fifties answered: I am looking to share love and life.Questions may include height, weight, job description, favorite TV show, goals, ideals, and a self-description.Do not agonize over filling out these forms, since most men will only look at your photo and simply scan whatever you write.Write it like you have lots of things going on in your life, but that you just thought this would be fun. Nothing about intense feelings, longings, hopes, and dreams that would scare the average man away.

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You are not analyzing celebrity relationships and asking men to be movie stars. I am on the road a lot for my job so I want to know there is someone there for me when I come home…someone caring, honest, intelligent, a good listener.This is not an answer to a question, it is poetry and therapy. There is absolutely no mystery or excitement for a man when a woman says everything on her mind.

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Well thanks for coming, folks, glad you could join in! (Editor's comment: this is a joke, in case anyone far too serious-minded is reading this:) What we ought to do is find everyone who's in therapy, and build an NLP Advertising campaign for everyone to just feel better. I'd like to give those advertises a piece of my mind...!… continue reading »

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Note: if you don't check Top row and Left column, Excel sums all cells that have the same position.… continue reading »

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No one can argue—getting things for free is awesome!… continue reading »

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There is no need to worry about your identity being revealed, however. C-Date has one of the best men/women ratios among the casual dating and adult dating sites (as opposed to what's usually the norm: plenty of men and fewer women).… continue reading »

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