Dating separation anxiety

20-Jun-2015 09:16

He is very open with me, and lets me know exactly what bothers him, and reassures me that it's the disorder that's making him bothered, not me.

And it doesn't help that he's been cheated on, betrayed, and all around treated like dirt by every girl he's ever gotten close to.

I chose to enter into a relationship with him knowing that he has this disorder, and I don't regret a single moment.

However, I do worry about him quite a bit, and I want to help him but don't really know how.

I'm hoping that maybe you guys can give me some outside insight into ASAD so I can better understand how we both can cope with this.

I really like him, and I REALLY don't want this to tear us apart in the future.

I've known that he suffers from this for a while, maybe three months.

He revealed it to me when he started to develop strong feelings.

I don't know exactly which ones are related to ASAD and which ones are related to something else, but they're all at least somewhat important, in my opinion, at least to mention.

- he likes to be constantly in contact with me, as in always texting unless I'm at work.