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At this hour of destiny, South Africa needs more than ever before, sport for development and peace.This report is about the future of South African sport provisioning and quality of opportunities to all sport-loving people of our beloved country,” he said.▪ Finally I may withdraw political support and endorsements for sponsorships.He then announced that he was applying the aforementioned measures in order to bring about an urgent reconstruction of the “fragmented and deeply discriminatory sport and recreation landscape” to establish a unified sports system.He said this third EPG report is confirmation that social reconstructions of South Africa’s sport and recreation system is linked to the country’s economic development in the context of global economies and competitiveness.“This report offers respite from the suffocating prism through which we as South Africans view our past and present.He said the measures are to speed up transformation which is vital morally and strategically when one considers that 84 percent of the under 18 population is Black.

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The additional 14 include: Basketball, Chess, Table Tennis, Softball, Volleyball, Boxing, Hockey, Gymnastic, Swimming, Baseball, Rowing, Bowls, Juskei and Tennis.The minister reminded the media that in the event of a federation failing to meet its own set transformation targets, it is his right and prerogative to consider applying any of the following penalties: ▪ I may suspend or withdraw Government’s funding to the said federation due to noncompliance; ▪ I may withdraw Government’s recognition of the particular federation as a National Federation and whereafter I will publish such a decision in the Government Gazette; ▪ In essence, I may revoke the privilege of a federation to host and bid for major and mega international tournaments in the Republic and withdraw recognition of the said federation; ▪ I may withdraw the federation’s opportunity to be awarded national colours via SASCOC to players who participate under the auspices of that particular federation in order to represent the Republic internationally and nationally; ▪ I may terminate the relationship and any cooperation between SRSA and the said federation due to non-compliance.