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And on December 6, the announcement came that The Trace Trail and the Sherman Memorial Area earned a place as one of the Seven Wonder.Last fall, early in the semester, I fell woefully behind with this blog though I did keep up on You Tube and on Facebook with all the events I usually highlight here.I will now begin the process of catching up, so you see a mixture of dates and events for the next few months.This past summer, after Roland Sherman's death last year, saw the creation of the Roland Sherman Memorial Area, one of many gems available in this corner of Nebraska.

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I'm product testing today and I noticed on the shipping pages they kept using "reciever" or "recieve" - Now. I sent an email to the developer with that little rhyme and circled the misspellings.

Receive happens to be one of the words that I will type incorrectly, but I always check it and ever since grade school the little rhyme: "I before E, except after C and sometimes Y" stays with me.