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23-Aug-2015 22:33

As any LGBT person will tell you, the so-called safe spaces we exist in, such as gay bars or clubs, Pride events and dating apps, can be a contradiction in terms.Issues and infighting within the community, which plays out in these spaces with alarming regularity, increasingly unpleasant each time, makes them "safe" for only a small chosen few.A journalist for the Daily Beast has written what pretends not to be an exposé on the huge amount of athletes in the Olympic village in Rio using dating and hookup apps.However, because straight people are, by default, normal and nothing interesting ever happened in a Tinder conversation about boxsets, the focus of the piece is on Grindr, the most popular hook-up app for gay men.This mysterious and glamorous world of hedonistic gay sex, where we're having it whenever we want, all at the mere swipe of our finger, holds such allure that, occasionally, straight people can resist no more.Into our so-called safe spaces they barge uninvited, brandishing their cop badge of heterosexual authenticity and swishing their cloak of straight privilege like Cruella de Vil showed off her furs.

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Gay bars, LGBT Pride, clubs and now apps – nowhere is off-limits.

They're the brazen picnickers who step over the chain fence and ignore the "Keep off the grass" sign because that's where they want to sit and who needs rules anyway.