Dating punk guy

19-Mar-2016 22:39

However, I’ve found that when you’ve finally reached that moment where you’ve dropped serious H2O on the fiber and you’ve come into your own as an independent soul, that society wants to shackle you back into its definition of blackness.Even when it comes to something so simple as the type of music you listen to.I’m simply a voice who refused to plug into the matrix of social norm long ago.So, I’ll speak for myself and any alternative mind folk who choose to agree with me.Feel free to start a whole moment to disagree with me if you like, if anything it’ll be worth two minutes of entertainment.

Here’s a brief synopsis of some of these stereotypes; If you listen to gangsta rap you must be ghetto or thuggish and have some form of drama in your life, if you’re a backpacker you’re a nerd and got beat up in school a lot and chances are you’re on some social political conscious tip, and if you’re a black rocker or an Afro-punk, you must be cocky and have “white boy swagger like Brent Michaels” and a bit too arrogant for your own good, and of course you must date white girls since the jury is still out on you for listening to mainly “white people” music!

I won’t pretend to speak for everyone, we already have to many people claiming to speak for this generation or the next.

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