Dating people in pain

08-Oct-2016 02:03

Generally, a man will stay close to a woman if there is a lot of attraction and connection. Remember though – even when there IS trust – pulling away is a normal and natural part of being a man.

A part of an unbreakable connection is building trust. But when you trust him and he trusts you – you will feel less scared when he pulls away and it will feel like he pulls away less – because you have trust in him. One major reason is biological – because men who are born more identified with masculine energy don’t base their identity on ‘relationship’ with a woman.

Instead, they base their identity – not always deliberately – on risk taking, and their individual capabilities.

The way to get a man to be more responsive is:1) For trust to be built between the two of you; and2) For you to communicate your need and appreciation for him to be close and to respond to you as soon as he can – so that you can also trust him. We want to take their resources – time, attention, money, commitment.

The tricky thing is that sometimes trust has to exist between you before you can get a favourable response from him to your needs. That naturally requires that he trust us in order to give those precious resources.

Sometimes when a man pulls away, it’s because there was no actual emotional attraction in the first place.

In these situations, when a man pulls away, it means that we should let it go. But very often, men pulling away isn’t a bad thing.

Women just think it is – because they think they shouldn’t have this problem in a relationship. Because it’s what they need to do to be true to their natural rhythm and equilibrium in their masculine body.

A man pulling away – It’s a continuous thing that will happen over a woman’s lifetime if she chooses to be with a man.

With trust built up over the years, he may pull away less and less.

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Further still, they think having this problem is wrong. When men become involved with a relationship and go deeper, it’s natural to have them pull away – even after marriage and many years together.

Time together or marriage doesn’t guarantee a man will do what is convenient for us and convenient for our feelings.