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If the selected ECP does not sell glasses and contacts, they might be more willing to help and not be upset with the fact that you will order the glasses and contacts where ever you wish.

In some states, the rules require that the OD be independent.

It is easy, just put in the contacts and do a refraction.

One thing that can be beneficial, cost wise, is to use the same PLUS contact value for each eye and do the refraction. You may have to find another ECP and just ask if they will help you do GOC.

I'd like to go up to -12 or so and it's hard to get contacts online now without a prescription. When you wear your -10.00 glasses what contact power do you wear with your glasses?

Were you able to read close up wearing that combination or were you unable to read with that combination?

If you live in a larger city in the US, you might check your local Wal-Mart if it has a Vision Center. I do GOC with +4.75/+5 contacts and -10/-9.75 glasses and it works well.

Most ODs associated with a W-M will provide you with prescriptions and you can get them filled where you want. I do it for short periods because the plus contacts aren't as comfortable as my minus ones.

My question: have any of you worked with your eye doctor to perfect your combo?

I have an appointment coming up and would like to get tips on how to bring the topic up without seeming too weird. BTW, I am in my late 40s (yes, bifocals) in USA and have had the same eye doc for about 20 years. Soundmanpt , Pattie What is your actual glasses prescription or do you have perfect eyesight and only do GOC so you can wear glasses?

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Cactus Jack , Rupert, That may not be easy with an older ECP. Your actual prescription must be around -4.00 for the GOC combination to work.

The very best way to do higher value GOC is with the help of an ECP.