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If you have even the slightest interest in the space program, obtaining a copy of this DVD set is a must.Coincidently, Apollo 11 landed exactly 35 years ago today.I was 13 years old at the time and living in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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A round-trip radio signal across the 240,000-mile distance would have a lag of close to 3 seconds.

This was even mentioned by Gene Krantz earlier in the program.

See full summary » The twelve episodes follow the Apollo space program from a variety of viewpoints: (1) "Can We Do This?

" maps the origins of Apollo and its Mercury and Gemini roots; (2) "Apollo 1" tells of the tragic fire and the subsequent finger-pointing; (3) "We Have Cleared the Tower" portrays the intense preparation for Apollo 7; (4) "1968" puts Apollo 8 into its historical context against events of the era; (5) "Spider" shows the engineering POV through the design, building, and testing of the LEMs with Apollos 9 and 10, (6) "Mare Tranquilitatis" shows the deeper considerations behind the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing; (7) "That's All There Is" portrays the camaraderie of the Apollo 12 crew; (8) "We Interrupt This Program" shows a by-now-indifferent media galvanized by the events of Apollo 13; (9) "For Miles and Miles" tells of Alan Shepherd's return to the manned program with Apollo 14 after being grounded between Mercury and Gemini; (10) "Galileo Was Right" show the non-piloting demands on ...

See more » HBO's 'From the Earth to the Moon' (E2M) is everything a good docu-drama mini-series should be.Tom Hanks has brought to life the true story of man's greatest adventure to 'land a man on the Moon and return him safely to Earth'.

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In 2008 Amnesty International summed up the state of human rights in Malaysia, in part, by noting that the government had “tightened control of dissent and curtailed the right to freedom of expression and religion,” arresting bloggers under the Sedition Act, using the Printing Presses and Publications Act (PPPA) to control the content of newspapers, and arbitrarily arresting several individuals under the Internal Security Act (ISA).… continue reading »

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