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14-Jul-2015 16:50

You are Naraku, a dark and demonic force that wreaks havoc on those around him.Like Naraku, you have intelligent, powerful..very ambitious. That sounds like three things, but trust us, it's one. You are Sango, a natural demon killer and one tough chic.Like Kagome, you may be naive and inexperienced, but you have a good head on your shoulders.You aren't scared of life's challenges, and you have a very great capacity to love others, which means it is very easy for others to love you.Anyone who hurts your friends should watch out--they're in for a world of hurt!You are Kagome, the sweet and innocent human who finds herself caught up in the crazy world of half-demons and feudal era Japan.- #1 What do you personally like in boy (traits) (if none of these appeal you then pick one closes to your choice)- #2 What do find attractive in a guy? (gifts) - So, first of all, DON' T TAKE YOUR RESULTS SERIOUSLY (Unless it says you aren't color blind.

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Like Inu Yasha, you can be a little abrasive and impatient.You are very driven, and when your mind is set on a goal, you will do anything to complete it.

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