Dating hawaiian culture

11-Oct-2015 17:54

Modern Hawaiian history begins on January 20, 1778, when Captain James Cook's expedition made its first contact with the Hawaiian people on the islands of Kauai and Niihau.

Captain Cook was not the first man to "discover" the Hawaiian Islands. The language of Hawaii and archaeological discoveries indicate that Hawaii was settled by two distinct waves of Polynesian migration.

Next in ranking were the ali'i or chiefs, who varied in power depending on ancestral lineage and ability.

Lacking instruments of navigation or charts or any kind, the Polynesians sailed into vast oceans.

Like medieval Europe and the other Polynesian nations, each caste had its assigned tasks and responsibilities.

Not until 1810 was there a single king over all Hawaii with the reign of Kamehameha.

Hawaii's history in story and legend is ancient and proud, dating back at least a thousand years before American colonies became a nation in 1776.

It is highly unlikely that the exact date when Polynesian people first set foot on these previously uninhabited islands will ever be known, nor much details about events occurring between that date and the first contact with Europeans.

The Hawaiians were a people without writing, who preserved their history in chants and legends.Much of the early history has disappeared with the death of the kahunas and other learned men whose function it was to pass on this knowledge, by means of chants and legends, to succeeding generations.

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