Dating gorgeous guy eugene hutz dating madonna

02-Jan-2016 06:14

My opinions on how attractive someone is says nothing about them as a person or how valuable they are.

Sure, there are theories which talk about universal standards of beauty, but on an individual basis I don't believe anyone is more desirable than anyone else.

I may fall into your category of a "gorgeous girl", so I'll take a stab at answering this.

My modeling career is gaining momentum, I'm a physics student who is one of the most experienced students in my department in research (particularly nuclear physics), and I'm a competitive ballroom dancer. Let's pretend my favorite type of music is country.

I really didn't start doing any of this in college, and I went to a very small high school, although I did a bit of modeling during that time. This was me during high school when I was 18: The gist of what I want to say is that different people find different people attractive. Just because I prefer country music to rock or rap, doesn't mean that rock or rap is bad or that no one prefers that.

In the same way, men I find to be incredibly attractive may be just average to some, and men that I find average may be gorgeous to others.

My cousin is attracted to shorter, chubbier men who are older.

She looked beyond my surface ugliness and saw an attractive man, and I looked beyond her appearance and saw an intellectually attractive woman desiring more than simple lust.

If someone is focused on superficialities and divides the population in ugly and gorgeous, they will inevitably end up in the ugly group, regardless of their appearance.

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