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Two workers were removing pins that connected two trench boxes stacked one on top of the other. After the last pin was removed the upper trench box shifted, and the worker on the ladder fell. The Ministry of Labour investigated and found that the upper trench box was not stabilized during the removal of the pins.The workers had not received any training on how to safely remove trench boxes from an excavation site. pleaded guilty and was fined ,000 by Justice of the Peace Susan Hilton on September 20, 2016 in Barrie. Fuda Contracting Inc., a company providing construction site servicing, has been fined ,000 after a worker was killed in a fall.On February 4, 2014, workers were dismantling and removing trench boxes from a 20-foot deep excavation site at a construction project located at Bayview Drive and Churchill Drive in Barrie, Ontario.Red, yellow, blue, and white—fireworks lighting up the night sky with a booming sound signal the arrival of summer in Japan.

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