Dating foreign women in india

21-Nov-2015 18:01

If you saw me walking down the street in Mumbai, based on my skin colour it’s likely that you’d think I was just another foreigner here in India.Perhaps a foreigner on a well paying contract, or the wife of a foreigner on a well paying contract.When she goes out with her Indian husband, she’s taken to be a foreign prostitute.When they holiday in Goa, they’re busted for drugs.

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What you wouldn’t expect is for me to be married to an Indian guy—a guy who’s shorter than me, and dare I say it, doesn’t come from a wealthy upper class family. The marriage prospects of our other children will be ruined.Then, when you found out, you’d probably find it hard to comprehend. Foreigners could never adapt to the Indian culture. Thus, having a relationship with a foreigner is strongly discouraged in Indian society.Yet neighbours line up to meet her, coolly ignoring her husband.The curiosity of what it means to be a white woman married to a brown man.

The people that we associated with were progressive, open-minded, and well-travelled. However, what Indian society in general thought, was.Hence, my husband was reluctant to tell his parents about me.

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