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John Cena is been the most popular and successful wrestler of the 21st century.

He shot to stardom as the wrestling embodiment of the hip-hop culture.

debut by accepting an open challenge from Kurt Angle.

The one thing he was missing was a compelling gimmick.

With the help of his gimmick and improving wrestling ability, he was in a main event title match by April 2003.

As the company became more child-friendly, Cena has shied away from the hip-hop and has estoled the virtues of never giving up.

John Cena was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts on April 23, 1977.

While there he was given the name of "The Prototype" where his gimmick was half-man and half-machine.

As a college football player at Springfield College, he wore the number 54 which has been featured on some of his WWE merchandise.

In 1999, Cena got his start in wrestling wrestling business as part of Ultimate Pro Wrestling, a California based wrestling school and company.

That Halloween, he dressed like a Vanilla Ice impersonator and did his first rap.

With this new hip-hop persona, he would insult the crowd before the matches by making bad raps about their city and wearing throwback jerseys of the enemies of the local sports team.

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Like Enimen, John Cena used his rapping ability to insult those he doesn't like.

He even personalized the WWE title into a piece of bling-bling featuring a spinning WWE logo.