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20-Feb-2015 08:43

While balancing sound theology with humor and practical insights, Lisa inspires audiences of all ages.

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Divorce and breakups are never fun and as a matter of fact, it can leave you devastated, confused and angry. Lisa Cotter is a nationally sought after speaker on the topics of relationships, femininity, and living life with excellence.And a huge part of rejuvenating […]Over the years we have been conditioned to believe that femininity is indicative of weakness, or has to do with a woman’s shape, size, style of dress or her sexual prowess.When in reality, femininity, is a mindset that venerates […]Girl Have a Good Cry and Tell Him – Boy Bye!

Right Can’t Find You, Hiding Behind Your Mask As a Healthy Love Coach, women often ask me what are the traits that drive a man to be genuinely attracted to a woman?

As a general rule of thumb, very […]Why You Must Align your Core Values When it Comes to Love.