Dating customs croatia

28-Oct-2015 05:51

Croatian girls are the pickiest I’ve encountered, with many girls openly criticizing me early in the approach about my physical flaws or chosen line of conversation.

Not only will they constantly judge you, but they will do so in undiplomatic terms. Girls with boyfriends will be completely open to an approach, not dropping that fact until late in the game.

Their long necks accentuate graceful, model-like figures. They are, hands down,, blowing away just about everywhere else except for pockets in the Baltics.

They primarily have a Mediterranean complexion of light olive skin, brown hair, and brown eyes, though blondes are not uncommon.

They are both sexier and hotter than Polish and Ukrainian girls. While Croatian girls are feminine, they seem ready for Westernization. If god came down from the sky and told them they didn’t have to be feminine anymore, the streets would be littered with makeup kits, shoes, and other beauty accessories. ” vibe I picked up, meaning it’s no surprise that there’s a high acceptance of hipsterism and the sloppy dress that it entails. Most girls are sweethearts, but several negative personality traits will reveal themselves to you after a while.

Girls can be crass, picky, lazy, and, most importantly, critical.

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If you’re going for a fast bang, there is no benefit to trying to wow her social circle. The older women (approaching 30) put out many spinster characteristics that are similar to their American counterparts.

Their attitude is rougher, they play a lot of games, and they constantly test you. Hot women over 24 are looking for rich dudes, even sponsors.

The attitude wasn’t automatic, but it happened enough where I had to turn on the parts of my game that I haven’t used since America, especially when it came to getting cockblocked or bitched out by a fat friend. Once you master isolation, you master banging Croatian girls.

As long as you stay out of the snobbiest venues in the city, you shouldn’t have too many problems with this. The move that helped me isolate and led to the most bangs was “Let’s go for a walk.” You must resist all her attempts to de-isolate in the form of bringing girlfriends along.

The more confident the girl is, the more you’ll encounter these negative personality traits. For this reason I’ve made it a requirement to ask about the boyfriend within 15 minutes. It’s not that Croatian girls don’t like their own dudes, but they feel that their country is boring and dull. In Ukraine you have the tough Eastern mentality, transactional female natures, rectum cities, and language barriers.

Whether that’s good game or not, it made the difference for me in not getting strung along in text messaging hell with girls who wanted to play the field while in a relationship. Everyone has to learn it in school from a young age. They want to meet guys from exciting places like United States and England. In Croatia you have a pleasant capital city with English speakers and girls who are easier to get into bed.

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