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16-Dec-2014 21:15

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I think it was Mark Twain who said “Children and fools always speak the truth.” I will go ahead and add teens to this equation.

Eventually, I developed a defense reflex against Basic Douchebags and began teetering more towards the Freaks and Weirdos end of the Dbag spectrum, and yet the memories of the Basic Douchebag stayed with me forever.

So what, exactly, qualifies one for this eminent title?

And, while my niece might be smart enough to keep her distance, I foolishly flocked to them like a fly to horse sh*t throughout my early twenties, always yielding the same disastrous results.

Since I was never slick enough to “turn” the BD, it would usually start with me being smitten and enamored, a feeling that would quickly metamorphose into a giant ball of disappointment once he lost all interest.

To start, the Basic Douchebag usually has a deeply-rooted sense of confidence that comes from being moderately attractive from a young age, allowing him to avoid any sort of fat-kid or nerd complexes that eventually build excellent human beings.

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I always find that spending time with my 17-year-old niece is an invaluable experience that allows me to see life through a simplistic prism and reaffirms the notion once so effectively conveyed via Mean Girls: .

This time around, the kid hit a nail on the head while volunteering a description of a guy her friend was dating: “He’s just one of those Basic Douchebags – he is used to always getting his way and f*cking girls over, so once he finds somebody who can play his game, he’s like “she gets me” and decides he’s finally found his equal and he’s in love.” She didn’t have to elaborate any further – let’s just say that she had me at Basic Douchebag, a breed of male that transcends all age groups and social circles.

The poor one then usually weans off via Darwinism and transitions into his predestined path of lowlife and loser (my own BD from high school is now a fat divorced single dad!

) The rich one, however, has a much longer douche-span.

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