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08-Jul-2015 17:34

Applicants must write to [email protected] (hang on while I make up an arbitrary time here) Thursday at 9AM! Big, an epithet you can probably put on your resume, redeemable for infinite NYC ass later in life. ” election on Thursday so the candidate with the most ambitious set of computer-savvy ballot-stuffing friends wins.Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Jones This hot pink coat from Kate Spade was given to me this past fall, and the Lilly Pulitzer dress belonged to my beloved late Grandmother Marilyn, who wore DVF and Lilly all through the '70s.She gave away her DVF but kept her Lillys long enough to give them to me when I was a teenager.I've had it hanging on the coat rack in my hallway as a decoration ever since.I don't wear it that often, although I did tote it along to my "Prom Date" with Andrew in the 5th episode of my Bravo show.I lovingly saved all of them, and some, like this brightly printed maxi-dress, I found so winsome that I hung them on my wall throughout much of my college years.

I love love Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Jones My inspiration board where I pin anything that, well, inspires me, including a photo of my puppy Lilly in a Luis Vuitton dog bag when she was just six months old, a pink Valentine's Day card from my beloved late grandmother, a magazine cutout of me from Fashion Week next to my design hero, Betsey Johnson, the poodle from a skirt my mom hand-made me when I was in 2nd grade, and my favorite quote, by Eckhart Tolle: "Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness."Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Jones My friend Amanda Mihaly gave me this pink Bebe heart purse for my 29th birthday.

The notorious Julia Allison — dating columnist, sex columnist, “media kryptonite” — will be in Princeton this Friday, and she’s looking for a man after midnight. ” every time he turns in a term paper need not apply.

Or, you know, after her dad’s Alumni Weekend dinner. What matters is that Julia Allison is coming, and she’s single, and really hot! Eligible Princeton Hetero and/or Closeted Gay Male, should get a date with the Tila Tequila of Manhattan journos. Skillful self-portrayal is, however, part of Julia’s philosophy: This is a big deal because a date with Julia Allison = Instant fame and fortune.

Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Jones My attempt at casual chic, standing on the balcony of my new home in Marina del Rey.

I love Rachel Zoe's line and picked up this maxi skirt of hers at Bloomingdale's, which I paired with a simple white tee and a silver heart locket given to me by one of my best friends on my 13th birthday.Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Jones I buy all of Lilly's toys in either pink or white, and before you protest, I'll tell you why: Dogs naturally leave their toys out, but if they're in the same color scheme as your house, they don't become a crazy eye sore if they're lying around!

Gosh, lots can be said, but what’s for to waste time, when you’ve got a great chance to see how perfect amateur grannies can be in bed?!… continue reading »

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) is a 35-year-old college admissions officer in New York City who loves literature and language, but is newly single and dissatisfied with his life and career.… continue reading »

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"His work ethic is sickening; it's out of control," says Jason Goldberg, the co-creator of . He shows me his fridge, filled with Mountain Dew, So Be, Miller and bottled Starbucks — provided free because the manufacturers hope to get their names mentioned in an article like this. It doesn't bother me so much when people come up to me, it's the anticipatory staring." When Kutcher moved into his house, there were mirrors on practically every surface, making it look like a set from (his top movie) and Walter Payton (his top running back). He painted the brick floor with the help often friends, providing free promo beer in return for their labor.… continue reading »

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