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08-Aug-2016 22:20

Ezra pleas with the people through Gods message was to separate themselves from the strange wives and husbands that they have taken which caused them to abandon the precepts of Gods law.

In 1st Kings 11th chapter speaks of King Solomon marrying many strange women who were steeped into idolatry and turned his heart from God causing Israel to sin and eventually split the nation.

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I agree with the other people who say that you should ask God to show you the right thing to do.If the guy's not in a relationship with someone else, you could ask him out, or just try to become better friends.CHURCH GIRLS/WOMEN WITH UNSAVED WORLDLY BOYS/MEN: NOT A GOOD MATCH I have noticed a growing trend among our churches that have become quite disturbing and thats seeing our young Christian women dating and intimately involved with unsaved men.Approaching this subject from a Biblical standpoint it is clear that God commanded His people Israel not to intermingle with the Gentiles nations.

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Finding God's will isn't usually a mystical thing.

God often lets us choose what we want to do as long as it's not wicked.