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24-Nov-2014 09:21

By the time the evening came around, Chloe had posted the photo as well.

In fact, there are criminal charges and a lawsuit still in play over the incident.Chloe was still a part of for a bit after the Hylands left, but she and her mom Christi have since departed as well.Though Christi and Abby didn’t get into a physical confrontation like what viewers saw with Kelly, it was still a tense interaction that preceded the Lukasiak family’s departure.Chloe has since moved on to Studio 19, and she’s shared some updates with fans noting that she’s really happy these days.

From the looks of a photo they shared on their Instagram pages, it seems that fellow dancer Nia Frazier hasn’t forgotten them either.

Nia posted a photo showing her with Chloe and Paige, and it looks like it’s a new photo.

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