Dating bulgerian women

25-Jul-2016 18:18

So beauty and brains are combined in this mountainous seaside resort country, if you doubt me consider someone like Antoaneta Stefanova.

More on Bulgarian girls features Bulgarian girls are mostly Slavic and ancient peoples in origin, so they may share the same features as Polish girls or Russian girls or Ukrainian girls or Czech girls etc.

Therefore, generally Bulgarian girls have dark hair and dark eyes, however, fair skin.Many guys like this look as its close to mediterranean.If you are looking for a wife or bride I can recommend going to Bulgaria to look for a Bulgarian girls.These women are a cross between Slavic girls of the Black sea and Turkish girls.

Bulgarian girls, some of them are not as Alpine or linear as the northern Slavic girls, some have a more mesomorphic body type.So if you like the ectomorphic girls, I have noted a less tendency for this body type. Some do look like Desi Slava, but I prefer the more plain-looking females. For example, the Majestic hotel at sunny Beach or any resort in Golden Sands.

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