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Bulgaria's population numbered about 8.9 million in 1990.

Two-thirds of the populace is urban, with over one million people living in the capital city, Sofia.

Smaller numbers are Muslim (13 percent), Jewish (0.8 percent), Roman Catholic (0.5 percent), and Protestant.

Since the country cast off Soviet-sponsored Communism in late 1989, Bulgarians have increasingly turned to public worship, and religious observance has been on the upswing. Turkish has survived several waves of repression during Communist rule and is the primary language of about eight percent of citizens.

Bulgaria is a small country on the east coast of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe.

Its land area is approximately 42,823 square miles, or 110,550 square kilometers, making it slightly larger than the state of Tennessee.

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Bulgaria shares its western border with Serbia and Macedonia and its southern border with Greece and Turkey.

The Black Sea coastline bounds the country to the east.