Dating and signing diagnostic test orders

10-Mar-2016 16:13

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When h CG levels are not increasing appropriately, miscarriage is more likely; miscarriage is almost certain when h CG levels are dropping.

Doctors typically need to see at least two h CG levels taken at least two days apart in order to get any useful information about the pregnancy.

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Your doctor will decide which tests are most appropriate for your situation to tell you whether or not you're miscarrying.

Diagnostic tests for miscarriage rarely offer information about the actual cause of the pregnancy loss, but because vaginal bleeding and cramping are not always caused by miscarriage, the tests will help your doctor determine what is happening. Human chorionic gonadotropin (h CG) is a hormone that is produced in your body exclusively during pregnancy.

The usefulness of h CG measurements decreases as the pregnancy progresses.

In very early pregnancy, the baby is too small to see on an ultrasound, so h CG tests may be the only tool for evaluating how the pregnancy is developing.

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By the time a heartbeat and gestational sac are clearly visible on ultrasound, an ultrasound is much more useful for determining whether you're having a miscarriage.Ultrasound machines use sound waves through the abdomen or vagina to get a rough image of the gestational sac and developing baby in your uterus.

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