Dating an army rangeer

19-Jun-2015 00:17

The ranks of Ranger Units have always been filled with only those who can endure and persevere when others may fall by the wayside. Mental and physical discipline, technical and tactical expertise and a never quit mindset are some of the qualities and characteristics that set an Army Ranger apart from everyone else.Once immersed in this mindset, it will remain embodied with him forever, wherever he may go and whatever he may do.A Ranger never rests on his laurels or past accomplishments.He will continue to prove himself to be the best each and everyday.Self sacrifice, teamwork, and sheer determination at overcoming any obstacle, completing the mission spearhead the soul, and encompass the ideals of what exactly a Ranger is and does, both in word and deed.It is not just a title; it is in fact, a way of life.A Ranger embodies the heart, soul and spirit of a true warrior.He is expected to do things others may not or cannot do otherwise.

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The United States Army Ranger has had a long tradition of history dating back to the beginnings of this great nation.

There's no telling how long he's been observing you, and what's more, by the time you detect a Ranger, you're probably too late.

The United States Army Ranger is the standard of excellence by which all others are judged.

And that tradition still remains today as it will tomorrow.

He will accomplish extraordinary things others can only dream about.

In the military scheme of things sacred and revered, the Ranger way of life is not for just anybody and few will ever make the grade of becoming the ultimatewarrior soldier.