Dating a soldier relationship disaster story alexa anderson and matthew dating

13-Nov-2015 19:12

She eventually spent so much on them that, under the weight of ravaged finances and a cluttered house, her marriage collapsed.With some help, she eventually pieced together that when she was a little girl, her father got angry with her one day and ripped the head off her favorite teddy bear -- and simultaneously broke the trust between them.For the rest of her life, she had been trying to rebuild that trust without consciously knowing.Conversely, some people can be molested as a child and not want to slug their way through the world. Some people can have childhood friends shot to death and not slip into depression. If life is anything like a boxing match, the experiences that rock you the hardest aren't the devastating bell-ringers coming straight down the pipe.Last week, while skipping through Good Men Project stories like Dorothy in the poppy fields of Oz, I tripped over an article entitled "Beautiful Disaster: 7 Reasons Why We're Drawn to the Damaged Person." Like Dorothy when she realized that she was back in Kansas, the title left me feeling like I had just returned to a familiar place.Alas, my connection to the piece didn't come via my own romantic attraction to "beautiful disasters." Though, despite being as paradoxical as a fluffy kitten scratching for blood, I have been drawn to them in the past. Still, a question that plagues me involves trying to understand the difference between sustaining damage and sustaining a damaged existence.The former feels universal -- like it could happen to anybody -- while the latter feels isolating.The trick of the question may be best illustrated by an anecdote: Nevertheless, that conversation captures my thought that there is an "us/them" dynamic when it comes to the beautiful disasters and the plain beautiful -- which I assume is synonymous with normal.

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Rather, they're the ones you never see coming, and had no way of preparing for.

Hearing about a dead child today is the same punch I felt when I was a boy, but today my response is steadier because I've felt that punch before -- and others like it.

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