Dating a schizoid

14-Jul-2015 10:31

Other factors, such as how tolerant peer groups are, can have a major effect as well, as being completely excluded causes atrophy that makes the child increasingly worse off with time relative to his same-age peers.

Intrinsic temperament is a contributing, but not deciding, factor.

This phenomenon, known as the wishbone effect, occurs when a child who is excluded from a group of children due to intrinsic differences becomes increasingly isolated, causing him to diverge even further from the norm.

This effect is a form of positive feedback, where the behavior is self-reinforcing and becomes increasingly difficult to correct with age.

Love-shyness is a proto-disorder characterized by an extreme fear of romantic interactions with the opposite sex.

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The intrinsic differences that cause the child to be excluded from peer groups can themselves have diverse origins.

In Shyness and Love, Gilmartin elaborates at great length describing how harmful household environments, particularly ones where the mother is extremely controlling, can have an adverse effect on a boy's sense of self.

Gilmartin performed several scientific studies of chronically dateless men in the early 1980s, and discovered several patterns among them.

He collated and explained the theory in the seminal book Shyness and Love.

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Though all people may have suffered some of the characteristics that describe love-shys from time to time, it does not impede their overall romantic life.

For a love-shy, however, these problems lead to a severe, protracted dateless situation that comprises the near, if not whole, entirety of their past and current life. Gilmartin coined the term Love-shyness and created its theoretical framework.

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