Dating a girl with no confidence

20-Feb-2015 15:05

*Hair flip* Confident people believe in themselves — creatively, professionally, emotionally, et al.The best part about our natural air of confidence is that we still have a lot of energy leftover to support you just as fully.As I've entered adulthood, one thing that's become clearer to me than almost anything else is that the secret to happiness is pure, genuine self-love and confidence.That "it girl" factor that is mentioned in countless young adult books and movies? When a girl is able to overcome the myriad insecurities that society and the media train us are "inevitable," she can unlock a seriously exciting attitude towards life — including her love life.I don't pretend not to know how lucky I am that I've developed a serious sense of self-confidence over the years, and it pains me to know that others (especially close friends) may never be able to feel as happy, whole, and proud of themselves.There's no "crash course" on self-confidence: It takes hard work and determination to learn to love yourself, but when you finally do, life has a new, invigorating feel.

Obviously, confidence and arrogance are not one in the same.While confidence radiates and can be infectious, making those around you feel buoyed up by your extreme sense of self, arrogance seeks to undermine those around you with your air of superiority.Here are six of the best things about dating someone who seems to have larger-than-life confidence, because loving someone else is more fun when you love yourself first. There will never be a time when you have to answer a question as mundane as "Does this make me look fat?" because A) I know it doesn't and B) I don't care for your opinion either way.

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There's a fine line between a cool sense of confidence and cockiness, but the bottom line is that an exceptionally confident friend/partner will seek to build you up, not tear you down.I know confidence doesn't always come easy, and lots of women (and men) struggle with self-acceptance, even long after those painful adolescent years.

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