Dating a franklin sewing machine

02-Jun-2016 13:37

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The emblems are all worn down it has been used so much, can you imagine the stories it can tell about all the clothes, quilts, wedding dresses and baby gowns it has made?I'd rather have a machine with history than one that has been stuck in a corner and never used.My husband is going to fix the belt and a few minor flaws in the cabinet for me.

All we could see was the cabinet and it was covered with a lot of stuff! I'm glad they didn't get stung by one of the wasps!

I wiped it with water and then polished it with olive oil, doesn't it look a lot better?

(You can see the "hole" better in one of the pictures below) Someone stole it from the store, isn't that terrible? Unfortunately the top half is disentragting, my husband is going to copy as much of it as he can for me.

I can't find a date or serial number or model number anywhere.

LOL It is really easy to pull the machine in and out of the cabinet!

I'll leave you with some pictures of the machine and tomorrow I have some more pictures from the Antique mall to show you!