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According to Eurostat, it currently stands at just over 15%, with the most pronounced differences occurring in the private sector.

Women were given equal rights to inherit property in 1845 and maternity leave in 1901, and in 1958 a doctrine was changed to allow women to become priests in the Swedish Lutheran church.

Today ‘Anti-Sexism Awareness Training’ is taught as standard in kindergarten and 13 out of 24 government ministers are women.

Nurseries are open all day and night to allow for shift work.

Although there is a gender pay gap, it is closing thanks to policies that mean parents are treated equally.

This leave can be taken as hours, days, weeks or months over a period of eight years per child.

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Latte papas (the vast swathes of monochrome-clad men who congregate in coffee bars with their babies on a weekday) are becoming the most globally recognised symbol of Sweden’s generous paternity laws.

Currently parents are given 16 months when a new child is born to share as they choose (although 60 days are given to each parent, and cannot be transferred – this will be raised to 90 days in 2016, which as a father, you either take fully or lose).