Dara park and g dragon dating 2016

29-Dec-2015 15:32

Reblog the confession and add your comment or send on ask that begins with “Confession Response:” 9.Then MAMA 2015 happened and I really liked it that there was a gg that has a fierce image.I heard some of their songs on dash radio and really liked the group more and more.Now I’m watching old MVs and it really makes me sad. No matter what, YG still remains a very famous label with guaranteed fame and recognition with all the hate YG gets and it’s a VERY good lift for Dean’s career It is very obvious how Dara is so layed back in the Philippines, she can just be herself in Philippino shows without being judged, while when she was co-hosting Sugarman she used to be more tense and careful, I guess Koreans are indeed pretty strict.And knowing how shitty YG current management is, i really hope her wish come true because she is one of the most efficient hardworking manager that i know. Before GD and YB used to tease her with “opppaa” and now whenever CL uploads a video, YB trolls her by commenting the exact same comment in all of them “Dope video.. Rumors have been flying about a possible relationship between actor Kim Soo Hyun and 2NE1 member and actress Sandara Park aka Dara. Jung Il Woo has said that Sandara Park is his only female friend. Had those cute little girl concept that isn’t really my style. No name-calling, no bashing, no ship-wars, no being rude! This includes confessions made about specific fandoms too. Remember the admins are not responsible for the confessions! If the admins feel that the confession is too rude//hateful it will not be posted. If your confession isn’t posted straight away try not to worry, we get a lot of confessions! We will put confessions that aren’t anon first in the queue. We would prefer it if you didn’t send confessions via fanmail I believe YG artists are more talented than a lot of others in the kpop industry, that become famous (not all), but are prevented from constantly slaying by YG’s hiatuses, like is he trying to spare the others some fame? I got into Kpop about one and a half years ago, and mainly listened to boy groups cause the famous girl groups like snsd, apink, miss a etc.

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All confessions must be related to YG entertainment in some way 2. I’ve heard not much from 2ne1 cause they weren’t active so i didn’t listen to their songs.

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Often rumors are just a prequel to the news that a couple really is dating. Sandara Park had cameos in two dramas that starred Kim Soo Hyun. They became friends when they worked together on the drama "Iljimae together.

Their songs are amazing, they are amazing, but I will never see them as 4 and I will also probably never see them as 3. So apparently CL has a new song called Secret, that she uploaded a snippet from on her Instagram and honestly the song sounds Bomb from what I heard, I just hope the song does turn out to be that good and she can finally slay for real. Someday, I hope I can listen to Seungri singing In My World or Love Box live. I hope Seungri can sing deep and meaningful songs more. There is something in his voice that soothes your soul and dispel all stress.I really think they are over, and I couldn’t see them when they were succesful and as queens My friend wish to work with YG in the management team.