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With the announcement of the Big Brother Season 18 houseguests — just in time for the season premiere on June 22 — it's time to get to know a little bit about the contestants.In this case, we're talkin' specifically about BB18 cast member Bronte D’Acquisto, the 26-year-old student from Denver with a huge smile and a badass name (this is me speculating that she was named after the Bronte sisters). He played such a well-rounded game," her bio states.This line Chula model is accurate tone bridge and original sound hole, Puresudo Solid Spruce top / laminate maple side and back 17-inch body, 2 It is 5.5 inches scale and innovative, but it is in a gem of passing even muscle as arch top.window.$Nav && $Nav.when("data").run(function(data) { data({"shop All Content":{"template":{"name":"item List","data":{"items":[{"text":"Amazon Video","panel Key":"Instant Video Panel"},{"text":"Amazon Music","panel Key":"Digital Music Panel"},{"text":"Appstore for Android","panel Key":"Android Panel"},{"text":"Prime Photos and Prints","panel Key":"Cloud Drive Panel"},{"text":"Kindle E-readers & Books","panel Key":"Kindle Reader Panel"},{"text":"Fire Tablets","panel Key":"Kindle Fire Tablet Panel"},{"text":"Fire TV","panel Key":"Fire Tv Panel"},{"text":"Echo & Alexa","panel Key":"Kindle Amazon Echo Panel"},{"text":"Books & Audible","divider Before":"1","panel Key":"Books Panel"},{"text":"Movies, Music & Games","panel Key":"Movies Music Games Panel"},{"text":"Electronics & Computers","panel Key":"Electronics Computers Panel"},{"text":"Home, Garden & Tools","panel Key":"Home Garden Tools Panel"},{"text":"Beauty, Health & Grocery","panel Key":"Grocery Health Beauty Panel"},{"text":"Toys, Kids & Baby","panel Key":"Toys Kids Baby Panel"},{"text":"Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry","panel Key":"Clothing Shoes Jewelry Panel"},{"text":"Handmade","panel Key":"Handmade Panel"},{"text":"Sports & Outdoors","panel Key":"Sports Outdoors T1Panel"},{"text":"Automotive & Industrial","panel Key":"Automotive Industrial Panel"},{"text":"Home Services","divider Before":"1","panel Key":"Home Services Panel"},{"text":"Credit & Payment Products","panel Key":"Credit Panel"},{"text":"Full Store Directory","decorate":"carat","url":"/gp/site-directory/ref=nav_shopall_fullstore/155-1892026-0093363"}]}},"url":"/stream/hotpicks/ref=strm_in_sd_banner_dsktp?

"I think I might become stir-crazy after a good month-and-a-half," she said.

"I really enjoy getting outdoors and going on hikes, so staying put inside for that long will be a challenge." Let's hope she lasts!

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consisting of calculus, statistics and probability"). I'm also getting some serious '90s vibes from her here, considering she mentioned that she also likes to "walk to the mall to purchase more hair accessories." I can definitely get behind that. "I truly want people to say, 'Oh, Bronte is the girl-version of Derrick!

'" "Before I make a move, I am going to think through the worst-case scenario of what might happen with my decisions, and then come up with solutions for them! "Houseguests tend to focus on how everything will play out perfectly and then they don’t know how to get out of a sticky situation." After doing some Internet sleuthing of my own, it looks like D'Acquisto also has a bit of a modeling and acting background.