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17-Mar-2015 04:44

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If you invited a man, he’ll pay for himself, and there's a good chance he'll pay for you as well without telling you about it. We were grown up in the world, where everybody is equal and where the friendship of nations is an important part of our agenda.

• Men should be strong and assertive and women should be smart and beautiful. If you notice one of us staring occasionally at a black person, it's just because we are curious -- there's not many black people in Russia...

There are certain peculiarities that only Russians have and it's useful to know them.

The only smart explanation that can be proposed here is that some of us jumped too deep into capitalist world, while some stayed too far behind. It's not because we're bad - we just like everything extraordinary.But too often we don't express this feeling enough, so when it comes out, it's like a volcanoe.

The single mom is likely to have strong sexual desires that will increase intimacy in the relationship.… continue reading »

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