Cupid predating code 10

10-Oct-2015 15:12

Thus, the US citizens will not be able to sign the initiative any more.

The Republican won 276 electoral votes with the necessary minimum of 270 votes and he has made himself to the post of the head...

The US authorities have deliberately stopped counter of the votes on a petition, which calls not to spend taxes for useless opposition with Russia.

All the details are in the above flier and we are certainly glad to help answer any questions for those interested in spicing up their commute, lunch time, rest of their lives, etc.

If you need to see the Code of Conduct, here it is for you ladies and gentlemen out there. Here’s one highly fictionalized account (or maybe not) from a video contest we held a few years back 🙂 At this point I’m obligated to write that the above Metro Code of Conduct prohibits most of what’s in the above video.