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25-Nov-2015 23:08

To see how your loans would fare in a consolidation, you can compare the payment terms of each of your loans individually using this loan calculator, total them up and then compare them to this consolidation calculator to see whether it will work out in your favor.#2 Benefits Lost Other Perkins loan holders eligible for cancellation include nurses, law enforcement personnel, corrections officers, Peace Corps and some armed forces members would also lose out on any cancellation benefits if they rolled up their Perkins loans in a consolidation.And very importantly, if you are eligible for public service loan forgiveness or another type of forgiveness or cancellation program, you must make 120 qualifying payments on your loans.Depending on the configuration of your loans, a consolidation may make no difference or may cost you more.See the two consolidation scenarios we’ve plotted below.If you are making more than one student loan payment each month for your various types of loans, you may be tempted to consolidate to get down to one payment each month.

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If you consolidate mid-stream – say 40 payments into your 120 – you will start over again at one with your first payment on your newly consolidated loan.In this case, seeking income based repayment options to lower your loan payments will be more beneficial.#3 Repayment Options Limited Once that loan is paid off, the amount of that monthly payment would be dedicated to the next highest interest rate loan.

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