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11-Aug-2015 03:28

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These sites have lots of problems right off the bat.This approach is problematic because, instead of building a website with information people want, need, or that helps them solve a problem, it builds a website to create backfill and legitimize whatever is being sold.As an example, I was building up a new travel website and was looking for a way to add a “fresh” or “news” component to help keep the site looking like it was “alive.” I came up with a calendar of local events, but it wasn’t “enough,” so I expanded and added in nearby concerts (with affiliate links to ticket brokers).Within a few weeks I was making just as much from ticket sales as I was from travel reservations. Link building is one of those aspects of building a site that is really difficult.When you are building a website, it’s hard to get on the radar of other sites and get them to link to you.If one thing changes, for any reason, you can find yourself driving off a cliff with no warning.Look for ways to add other streams and be creative.In over a decade of working on websites I’ve see a lot of affiliate websites. In this post, I’ll share my experiences about what I think Google is looking for and the common traits of things I’ve seen fail.

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I found a great offer with a high affiliate payout and went to town.Maybe it was cell phones, satellite TV activations, dating, or ringtones: it didn’t matter as long as the payout was there.This is a textbook 101 example of putting the cart before the horse.You need to build a website that has information people are looking for and sprinkle in affiliate links, not create affiliate links and sprinkle in content.

The failure to build more than one source of income from a website has doomed more than one website and, in some cases, whole companies.Having a website that only earns money through Adsense, a single affiliate program, is extremely dangerous.