Code for validating date in javascript

11-Jan-2016 01:42

For example, if you were to have two date validators on one form, you would use group scope to allow the library differentiate between the two.

Group validations are in the following format: name[.scope][#id][(args ...)] Try it out here: By default the error prompt will NOT be displayed on each member of the group, instead, only the field that triggered validation will display the message.

Since they aren't copied, any changes to the globals will propogate through to each validation form on the page.

These options can be changed using the Configure API above.

If the validation rule you're looking for isn't in the list above, it's easy to create your own custom rule.

For example, if for some strange reason, we wanted to check if a field is divible by 3, we can add a new rule Group validations are required when validation depends on two or more fields.

For example, the date range rule requires a start and an end date in order to begin validation. Group Scope is for reasonably rare cases when you are using the same group validation rule more than once in a single form.This was intended for use with Google Analytics Event Tracking.Following it's 3 column implementation: Category, Action and Label.An example function to track validations using Google Analytics might be something like: Thanks to @posabsolute as this plugin was originally a fork of j Query Validation Engine though it has now been completely rewritten.

This can be overriden by instead returning a map of $.Rules({ my Rule: { message: "An error", common: function(n) { //a useful task...

}, fn: function(r) { r.common(21); return r.message; } }, //Alternative uses of 'common' my Other Rule: { extend: "my Rule", fn: function(r) { r.common(42); return r.message; //"An Error" } }, //Only modify the 'message' my Third Rule: { extend: "my Rule", message: "A super bad error" } }); The form specific options prototypically inherit from the global options.

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