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This summer, according to Schmidt, the Board finalized a revision of the Mission and Purpose statement which declares a commitment to the Judeo-Christian tradition but an appreciation tor pluralism.

The cur- rent mission statement, which many thought represented the end of the controversy over the role of Christianity ar Agnes Scott, was merely a temporary draft.

President Schmidt, in the first of the two introductory convocations, outlined her vision of Agnes Scott's promise to students.

First, she said, Agnes Scott must provide a superior education for females. This comment came as a surprise to several students.

De- spite the perceived difficulties of improving the students' educational experience in this area, President Schmidt promised that our will shall prevail.

We can expect a more culturally textured campus environ- ment in the near future, she indicated.

Schmidt next reaffirmed last year's goal of increasing the diversity of students and facultv.

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Evren Dagdelen, a Moslem from Turkey, later com- mented that there appears to be a growing emphasis on Christianity Dr. coming from the college's adminis- tration since she arrived two years ago.In next years catalogue, the rela- tionship between Christianity and academics at Agnes Scott will be more explicitly spelled out.