Chinese men and black women dating

18-Dec-2015 15:10

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I respect that, no matter how painful -- even offensive -- it may be.My experience on this topic: When I lived in Mexico, you would occasionally hear people ask: "Why do so many Mexican guys prefer white women to their own?Why are you bothered that White women don't want to date you, whereas there are lots of black women that would happily date you but you ignore them?First, I appreciate everyone being honest here, for the most part.

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But from my experiences and conversations here in China and in my life of dating different kinds of Asian men; I can tell you with most traditional Asian men are looking for or NOT looking for in a woman. Ladies, to continue my month on love and dating I want to approach the subject of attracting your Asian man or any man for that matter.I always get questions about how to attract and Asian man and what are they looking for in a women.First, the rumors…I will begin with the things everyone always says…

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And, despite what some minority men may claim, they typically have to work harder to get a white woman – heck the majority of white women aren’t even interested in non-white men – and they have to work harder to keep them, because they know most white women have more options. I've lived in Europe and witnessed it; in fact, personally my life was the exact opposite of what it is in the states.

I always had the most attractive tall, white guys asking me out on nice dates. There was great respect given and a sincere effort to "get to know me" better.

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