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07-Feb-2015 04:21

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Xossip will not be responsible for ANY issue (including phishing/hacking, etc.) that these acts might bring. meghana.mrajan: yes had pizza and pasta me: nice..... meghana.mrajan: nope wid friends PM me: goooood....... meghana.mrajan: no dude,,, none except u me: lol PM sweet of u meghana.mrajan: haha thanks... PM hmmm missing u dude,.. let spend some time PM me: meghana.mrajan: hmmm i really feel like me: why dont u come to blore?

PM meghana.mrajan: ya still planning...i really want to.. when ur in's just a few hrs away a weekend trip meghana.mrajan: hahah ya planning a weekend trip olu PM oly* me: hmmm so when can u come?

me: i told na ....depends if u are staying wid me or not meghana.mrajan: ok ll decide on tat PM i wish u had liked me bit more me: PM how much would u want me to like u!? how dare u meghana.mrajan: hey shill.. PM chill* me: i am chill lady!! me: why should i PM meghana.mrajan: u r the oly person may be i liked the most guess u even know tat PM me: yeah n i dunno why ... meghana.mrajan: i cant tell why i like u the most me: hmmm PM u'll come to like ppl in time u've not met the right people meghana.mrajan: hmmm i meet so many... meghana.mrajan: tat feeling me: wat u feel when u think about me??! PM meghana.mrajan: hmmm feel good.happy me: u knw it could be interpreted in various meanings meghana.mrajan: hmmm ok u take t in rite sense na PM me: i try to but being a guy i can think only of something else : P meghana.mrajan: ok ok..

meghana.mrajan: more than others like me the most me: haha PM dat's not possible...i love my mom the most meghana.mrajan: loose kuppai me: ?? meghana.mrajan: hahah even i don know y PM me: some things just cannot be answered rite? wat did u think like me: PM meghana.mrajan: wat da me: something kinky meghana.mrajan: hmmm po da..

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me: PM meghana.mrajan: wat esle else * PM me: u tell so wat u feel has got nothing to do wid wat i said PM meghana.mrajan: nothin like tat me: so u do feel kinky?: P PM meghana.mrajan: hmmm hey how long ll u be online? PM meghana.mrajan: ya sorry when ll u back me: cmon why u sorry....bubye online for sometime meghana.mrajan: ok bye me: bye q sec meghana.mrajan: ya PM me: nothing catchya l8r meghana.mrajan: tell PM me: no not a quick to u l8r meghana.mrajan: ya ok bye' PM there?

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