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Meanwhile, Trump's appeal to the white blue-collar voter was strong and while a minority of the population, they ended up being a slim majority of the electorate.Hillary had a lot of negatives, but chief among them was that she wasn't black.

Democrats simply didn't turn out in sufficient numbers in key States.

As with the Brexit vote, a lot of people didn't take it seriously as they thought the deal was already done. The GOP stalled the nomination of Scalia's replacement, invoking the non-existent "Biden Rule" (based on an off-hand comment Joe Biden once made - he makes a lot of those).

Last night, during the election returns, a lot of pundits were blathering on about why Hillary lost, and as usual, the television got it all wrong.

They talked about disgruntled uneducated white people being fed up with coastal elites and whatnot.

Barack Obama got out the black vote twice as people were willing to stand in line for hours to see a black man elected President. Few people professed to being enthusiastic about her, even if they voted for her.There were few Hillary yard signs, bumper stickers or hats in evidence around the country as the campaign did not make that a priority.

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