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If you are looking for the old version, you can try the 1.0 branch Chatterbot is a Ruby library for making bots on Twitter. It handles all of the basic Twitter API features -- searches, replies, tweets, retweets, etc. A bot using chatterbot can be as simple as this: exclude " blocklist "mean_user, private_user" puts "checking my timeline" home_timeline do |tweet| # i like to favorite things favorite tweet end puts "checking for replies to my tweets and mentions of me" replies do |tweet| text = puts "message received: #{text}" src = text.gsub(/@echoes_bot/, "#USER#") # send it back!


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If you put the following line at the top of your bot: None of those users will trigger your bot if they come up in a search.If you want to do something complicated, you should probably consider using the Twitter gem directly.Basic usage is very straightforward: Note that the string #USER# will be replaced with the username of the person who sent the original tweet.If you use the following: Any tweets or mentions with the word 'spam' in them will be ignored by the bot.

If you wanted to ignore any tweets with links in them (a wise precaution if you want to avoid spreading spam), you could call: followers -- get a list of your followers.

This is an experimental feature but should work for most purposes. If you want to do something not provided by the DSL, you have access to an instance of Twitter:: Client provided by the client method.

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