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19-Feb-2016 10:29

But what is awesome about social media and Twitter is that you can use it for whatever purpose you see fit.

That is why other groups of people have taken it upon themselves to create their own chats for special interests. So what I wanted to do is highlight a few of my favorites. Lurking as we call it, to get a feel for what people talk about and to stretch my own thinking.

Here are my favorite education chats when using Twitter in the classroom. Growing from a small group of 3 people to weekly numbers in the 400's to a Facebook fan page with over 1000 active members to one of the largest groups on the , #edchat is a place for those interested in discussing and debating educational issues.

#Edchat takes on very general topics for discussion. If you are music teacher you might not have an interest in math topic that week and so on.

One of the easiest way to get on board is to join chats on twitter. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe how successful it has been.

Check out their (who is, hands down one of the best in this area) one of their recent conversations centered around what do general education teachers need to know about teaching students with special needs. So #NTChat provides a support network to these teachers.

Break the ice with pick up lines that teachers can relate to and find funny.

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