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05-Apr-2015 19:30

Amid the splendour of Imam Sadiq mosque in central Tehran, a room full of prayer leaders stare at pictures of conservative politicians and listen to a series of lectures.

This is the old guard being prepped on how to network the message from mosques.

Naser Pourhassan is 53, a carpet salesman who struggled to support his only daughter in getting a good education. He said that he was going to vote for the reformists because getting foreign investment is the only way to get rid of unemployment and recession.

He was doubtful that there would be any tangible improvement in the short term but it would be better in the long term.

It has added a bitter aspect to campaigning and it follows anger among moderates and reformists after the vetting of the Guardian Council, a watchdog body of six Muslim scholars and six legal experts, disqualified half of the politicians wanting to stand as candidates for the 290-seat Iranian Parliament.

An unprecedented 12,000 candidates had applied and most of those barred were reformists and moderates.

Such sentiment is echoed elsewhere in the capital, with moderates and reformists being accused of becoming stooges of foreign powers such as the US and Britain.

His wife, Tahereh Emami, 52, had a smartphone in her hand logged in to her Telegram family group.

"It's made people happy after eight difficult years," Rad said.

As campaigning was about to close we visited a middle-aged couple at their home in Tehran.

"I couldn't imagine a world without Telegram," said one woman sipping cappuccino, holding the cup in one hand and balancing her smartphone in the other. With only a few days to go, she had plenty more channels to look at, many friends to consult on her app.She expressed gratitude that Iranian authorities are allowing the encrypted service to work with no censorship or interference. Moderate and reformist candidates seem to be gaining most from the service. I asked the cappucino drinker, 30-year-old Elham Ghorbani, an English teacher, how she would be voting. The owner of one coffee shop, Faramarz Rad, spoke of a calmer, more contented atmosphere since the nuclear deal: "One of the most important achievements of President Rouhani is fulfilling his promise to get sanctions lifted," he said.

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